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Technical Guidance Documents

Current Technical Guidance Documents and Supporting Documentation
Full List of Technical Guidance Documents 1997 - 2014
Part L Supplementary Documents
Part D Compliance


The Technical Documents, commonly known as TGD's give guidance on how to construct a building so that it complies with the Regulations.  Where works are carried out in accordance with the TGDs, this will indicate compliance with the Regulations. The adoption of an approach different to the TGD's is not prohibited, provided that the approach meets the requirements of the Regulations.

The Building Control Authority may require such evidence in the case of an approach different from that given in the guidance to ensure that the building does comply with the regulations.  Important to note that neither the Building Regulations or the TGDs promote the use of a particular product or method of construction - nor do they favour masonry construction over timber frame construction.  

Individual Technical Guidance Documents

You can access the individual Technical Guidance Documents by clicking on the link for each document listed below which will take you to the document which is held in the publications area of the site.


Current Technical Guidance Documents and Supporting Documentation

The Department is continuously reviewing and updating the Building Regulations and Technical Guidance Documents. Primary responsibility for compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations rests with the designers, builders and owners of buildings. The role of the local building control authority is to monitor and enforce the building control system. Authorities are empowered to carry out inspections and undertake, where necessary, enforcement action in order to ensure compliance.

Full List of Technical Guidance Documents 1997 - 2014

Part A: Structure

Part B: Fire Safety
Part B - Fire Safety: (2006) (pdf,1.3mb) 
Part  - Fire Safety (1997) (available on request)

Part C: Site Preparation
Part C - Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture (1997)(Reprint 2004)(pdf, 857kb)

Part D: Materials and Workmanship

Part E: Sound

Part F: Ventilation

Part G: Hygiene

Part H: Drainage and Waste Water Disposal


Part J: Heat Producng Appliances


Part K: Stairways Ladders, Ramps and Guards


Part L: Conservaton of Fuel and Energy

Part L: Conservation of Fuel and Energy: Dwellings

Part M: Access

Part L Supplementary Documents

Acceptable Construction Details

These Acceptable Construction Details (ACDs) focus on thermal bridging and airtightness.  This guide will help appropriate persons to achieve the performance standards in the Technical Guidance Document (TGD) to Part L of the Building Regulations 2011 – Conservation of Fuel and Energy – Dwellings.

The guide is presented in 2 sections.  Section 1 discusses the general theory of insulation continuity and airtightness in construction.  Section 2, in seven separate parts, provides indicative detail drawings of thermal insulation and airtightness provisions for specific construction interfaces.



Heating and Domestic Hot Water Systems for Dwellings- Achieving Compliance with Part L 2008 (pdf, 1,190kb)

Amendment to Heating & Domestic Hot Water Systems for Dwellings - 29.10.08 (pdf, 56kb)

This is the supporting document referred to in Par 1.4.1 of Technical Guidance Document L - Dwellings 2007.  It is a source of guidance on the means of complying with the requirements of the Building Regulations for space heating systems and hot water systems.

Guide to the Condensing Boiler Installment Assessment Procedure for Existing Dwellings (pdf, 345kb)

This document contains the detailed guidance referred to in paragraph 2.2 of Technical Guidance Document L - Dwellings 2007 to assess specific situations where the provision of condensing boilers is not practicable. It is also included as an appendix in the document "Heating and Domestic Hot Water Systems for Dwellings - Achieving Compliance with Part L".

 Dwellings Energy Assessment Procedure


The Dwellings Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) methodology (external link) required to show compliance of dwellings with Regulation L2(a) of Part L, as amended by the Building Regulations (Amendment) Regulations 2005 (S.I No. 873 of 2005), and contained in the May 2006 Edition of TGD L, can be accessed and downloaded from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland's website.

The following are links to databases which also support the DEAP procedure: -


Part D Compliance

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) is Ireland's official standards body and provides a wide range of certification services to enable business demonstrate that Irish goods and services conform to applicable standards.  The following links provide information in relation to NSAI Agrément certified systems and installers: -

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