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Corporate Procurement Planning in the Local Government Sector

In July 2005, the Department of Finance issued the National Public Procurement Policy Framework (pdf, 193kb) requiring public bodies, including all City and County Councils, to produce annual Corporate Procurement Plans for their organisations, as part of a wider programme of public procurement reform. 

The Local Government Strategy for e-Procurement (pdf, 832kb), which was approved by the County and City Managers’ Association (CCMA) in April 2003, predicted that significant savings could be made through the modernisation of purchasing practices in local authorities. Corporate Procurement Plans will identify the steps required to achieve greater value for money through procurement modernisation.

The basic elements of a Corporate Procurement Plan are summarised in the attached Guidance for Corporate Procurement Planning in the Local Government Sector (pdf, 1043kb).  More detailed Guidance is available in the Department of Finance’s Capacity Building Training Manual (pdf, 620kb) and Consultancy Framework User Guide (pdf, 148kb).

Guidance on tendering procedures is provided in the Department of Finance’s General Public Procurement Guidelines- Competitive Process (pdf, 330kb). Additional information on tendering is available from that Department’s National Public Procurement Policy Unit (external link)NPPPU contacts (doc, 24kb) and the eTenders website (external link) . The Department of Finance's website (external link) details the various procurement arrangements for ICT equipment that are available to non-commercial public sector bodies

Councils should also have regard to the importance of engaging in green procurement practices. Further information in relation to green procurement is available in the sustainable development section of this website.

Information in relation to funding for Corporate Procurement Planning is detailed in Circular PPP 05/07 (doc, 54kb) .

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