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Minister Hogan Welcomes Property Tax Exemption For Properties Suffering From Pyritic Heave


The Minister for the Environment, Community & Local Government today (14 December, 2012) welcomed the announcement by his Ministerial colleague Michael  Noonan that householders with homes suffering from pyritic heave will receive a waiver from the Local Property Tax.

“I lobbied my colleague the Minister for Finance to provide a waiver for the owners of properties where damage from pyritic heave has been proved by testing and I am glad that he has acceded to my request and he will address this issue in the context of the Finance Bill,” he said.

Mindful of the long period that many homeowners have been waiting for a solution to the pyrite problem and the lack of engagement by responsible parties in providing such solutions, the Minister established the Pyrite Panel in September 2011 with the remit of exploring options for a solution to the problem of pyrite in private housing. 

Last July the Minister published the report of the independent Panel. The report, containing 24 recommendations provides a detailed framework for the Minister and the stakeholders to move forward with the objective of providing comprehensive solutions for affected homeowners to the pyrite problem

The implementation of many of the recommendations in the pyrite report requires the involvement and co-operation of a number of parties, and implementation will be on a progressive basis.  Given their particular impact on affected homeowners, priority is being given to the recommendations dealing with the establishment of a Resolution Board as well as the development of protocols for the testing and categorisation of dwellings and a remediation method statement. 

"Affected homeowners have been waiting for a long time, and without success, to get a resolution to this complex problem, this waiting is now coming to an end.  This announcement today of a waiver is only one component of the complex process in providing for a solution to the pyrite issue. I have already announced that I will be establishing a Pyrite Resolution Board as recommended by the independent Pyrite Panel. I have made it abundantly clear that I will do what is necessary to ensure that those responsible stakeholders provide effective solutions for affected homeowners," the Minister concluded. 

Discussions with the stakeholders, which have been in progress for some time, are now in the final stages and will conclude shortly with outcomes arrived at on the basis of the pyrite report so that the entirely unacceptable position in which affected homeowners find themselves can begin to be addressed.   As I have said earlier, I am conscious of the long period of time that many affected homeowners have been waiting for a resolution and I will not delay in finalising robust proposals to bring to Govt shortly. 


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