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Building Standards

Building Control Act 1990
Building Control Act 2007
Building Control Regulations 1997 - 2015
Building Regulations 1997 - 2014

Building Control Act 2007


The Building Control Act 2007 passed both Houses of the Oireachtas and signed by the President on 21 April 2007. Please find the link to the text of the passed Act in the Publications box on the right.

The building control system is centered on the parent Act, the Building Control Act, 1990, which falls into 3 principal categories.

  • Provides for the making Building Regulations -deals with issues such as building standards, workmanship, conservation of fuel and energy and access for people with disabilities.
  • Provides for making of Building Control Regulations - Commencement Notices, Fire Safety Certificates and Fees- Administration by Building Control Authorities.
  • Gives powers of enforcement and inspection.

The Act, which comprises 7 Parts and 73 Sections, was signed by the President on 21 April, 2007.

In summary, The Act provides for the following.

1. Strengthening of Enforcement Powers of Local Building Control Authorities,

  • The Act amends the Building Control Act 1990 by introducing revised procedures for issue of Fire Safety Certificate by local Building Control Authority. It also introduces a Disability Access Certificate (DAC) to be issued by local Building Control Authorities for new Non-Domestic Buildings and Apartments.
  • The Act widens the right of building control authorities to seek an Order from the High Court or the Circuit Court to stop work on certain buildings. It introduces the option for authorities to bring summary prosecutions for all building code offences in the District Court and it also increases the maximum penalties for breaches of the national Building Regulations.

2. Registration of titles of certain Building Professions.

  • The Act provides for registration of the titles of “Architect”, “Quantity Surveyor” and “ Building Surveyor”. The registration scheme will be administered by the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland and the Society of Chartered Surveyors.

3. Legal Transposition of relevant parts of EU Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC of September 2005).

  • The Act takes account of the adopted  EU Directive 2005/36/EC of 7 September 2005 on Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

Building Control Act 2007 (pdf, 1,401kb)

Building Control Regulations 1997 - 2015


The 1991 Regulations first came into force on 1 June, 1992 and were superseded by the 1997 Regulations on 1 July 1998.  They apply to new buildings, extensions, material alterations and changes of use of buildings. Their purpose is to promote observance of the Regulations by supplementing the basic powers of inspection and enforcement given to Building Control Authorities by different sections of the Building Control Act, 1990.  

The Building Control Regulations do so in 2 ways

Building Regulations 1997 - 2014

The primary purpose of the Building Regulations is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of people in and around buildings.  In general, the Building Regulations 1997 - 2002 apply to the construction of new buildings and to extensions and material alterations to existing buildings and to certain changes of use of existing buildings.  These Regulations apply to all types of construction.

The Building Regulations are couched in broad functional requirements, or general statements of intent of the relevant regulation.  For instance, the Regulations governing Access and Use of a building in Part M is stated as:"Adequate provision shall be made to enable people with disabilities to safely and independently access and use a building". Technical Guidance Documents A to M give guidance on how to comply with the Regulations.  The 1991 Regulations first came into force on 1 July 1992 and were superseded by the 1997 Regulations with effect from 1 July, 1998.  They apply to new buildings, extensions and material alterations to buildings.  

Certain parts of the regulations (listed A to M) apply to material change of use of a building.  The second schedule lists the various parts (A to M) and the regulations within each part. The third schedule lists the types of buildings that are exempted from the Building Regulations.

The application of the Building Regulations to works in existing buildings is outlined in the document below:

The Application of the Building Regulations to Works in Existing Buildings (pdf, 176kb)



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