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City/County Development Boards

County and City Development Boards

County and City Development Boards were established in each county and city local authority area in 2000 on foot of the Report of the Task Force on the Integration of Local Government and Local Development Systems (August 1998). The Boards operated under the aegis of local government and sought primarily to provide a linkage between local government, local development bodies and economic development agencies and facilitate coordination of economic, community and cultural development in the respective local authority area. Accordingly, they have acted as the key coordinating body at local level in bringing together relevant local stakeholders, providing joined-up services and opportunities for collaborative projects.


Local Government Reform Act 2014

Putting People First – Action Programme for Effective Local Government (pdf, 8,110kb) was published on 16 October 2012. The programme sets out a wide range of reforms for local government, encompassing local authority functions, structures, funding, performance and governance. The Local Government Reform Act 2014 (pdf, 1,349kb) makes legal provision for the reforms.

Among other things, the reform programme seeks to give local government a more central coordinating role in local and community development. Accordingly, Part 6 of the 2014 Act, which deals with community development in local authority areas, makes legal provision for a more integrated local and community development model than heretofore. In this regard, the Act provides for the establishment of Local Community Development Committees with responsibility for overseeing and coordinating local and community development activity in their respective local authority areas. Local Community Development Committees will –

  • prepare the community elements of a 6-year Local Economic and Community Plan (the Plan);
  • coordinate, manage and oversee the implementation of local and community development programmes as part of implementing the Plan; and 
  • coordinate generally local and community development activity within the operational area of the Local Community Development Committee for the purposes of reducing overlap, avoiding duplication and improving the targeting of resources.


Dissolution of County and City Development Boards

The introduction of the new arrangements, coupled with a stronger, more direct role for local authorities in enterprise support and economic development, and the move to reduce the number of public service structures generally, means there is no longer a rationale for a continuing role for County and City Development Boards. In this context, section 35 of the 2014 Act provides for the dissolution of all County and City Development Boards and, with effect from 1 June 2014 all 34 Boards have been dissolved.

Where appropriate, local and community development activity previously undertaken by the County and City Development Boards will come within the remit of the new Local Community Development Committees. Micro- enterprise support and economic development functions of the Boards will be integrated within the mainstream economic functions of local authorities. Arrangements will also be put in place to ensure other cross agency initiatives that are not encompassed within the new arrangements are carried forward under the oversight of local authorities, where it is appropriate to do so.

Any queries regarding by County and City Development Boards and arrangements for continuing the work of the Boards in specific local authority areas, should be directed to the relevant local authority in the first instance. General queries in respect of the County and City Development Boards and the new Local Community Development Committees can be directed to –

Community Division
Department of the Environment Community and Local Government
Government Offices
Co Mayo

Or by email to

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