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City/County Development Boards

CDBs were established in each county and city in Ireland in 2000 on foot of the Report of the Task Force on the Integration of Local Government and Local Development Systems (August 1998). The CDBs are led by local government and are representative of local development bodies together with the State agencies and social partners operating locally.

The main function of the Boards has been to bring about the more coordinated delivery of publicly funded services at local level in the areas of economic, social and cultural development. They have acted as the key co-ordinating body at local level in bringing together the relevant local stakeholders, providing joined-up services and opportunities for collaborative projects. 


Local Government Reform

Putting People First- An Action Programme for Effective Local Government was published on 16 October 2012 following Government approval and sets out Government policy for reforms across all the main areas of local government.

The Action Programme will implement the most far-reaching changes since the present system of local government began in the 1890s. It sets out the reforms the Government has approved in all of the main areas of local government–its structures, functions, resources, operational arrangements and governance.

The Introduction of Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) with responsibility for the planning and oversight of local/community development actions at local level and the increased responsibility for enterprise support through the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) of the local authorities will impact on CDB roles and functions.

With particular reference to the role of the City/County Development Boards the Action Plan states “Involvement of local government in enterprise support and the local and community development programmes, gives local authorities a much stronger direct co-ordination capacity. The City/County Development Boards, which were established primarily to provide a linkage between local government, the local development sector and economic development agencies, will, therefore, be phased out, consistent with the reduction in public service structures generally’.

The phasing out of CDBs will commence with the establishment of the first phase of Local Community Development Committees in early 2014.  Further information on the rationale for the phasing out of CDBs in the context of the establishment of both the Local Enterprise Offices and  Local Community Development Committees is contained in the Final Report of the Alignment Steering Group below.

Final Report of the Alignment Steering Group

In their Final Report the Steering Group makes recommendations aimed at enhancing the role of local government in local and community development, achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness, and improving the delivery of services for the citizen.

The alignment of local government and local development will be pursued on a phased basis over the period 2012-2014, in a way that will secure optimum value from available resources and enhance service delivery for local communities.

The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government has established an Alignment Implementation Group including representatives of local government, local development and other relevant actors, to advise the Department on implementation of the Alignment recommendations.


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Local Government/Local Development Alignment Section
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