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The Department's staff are generally recruited through the Public Appointments Service. Details about open recruitment can be obtained by contacting the Public Appointment Service at Chapter House, 26-30 Middle Abbey Street Upper, Dublin 1 or via their public jobs website (external link)



Call for Expressions of Interest - Chairpersons / Board Members


A new website portal (external link),  now offers a single dedicated point of contact to all prospective candidates to express their interest in joining a State Board. This portal facilitates the advertising of opportunities to express an interest in State Board vacancies and the terms and conditions pertaining to same, the registration by prospective Board members of their general interest in a position on a State Board and the sending of alerts to those registered on the state boards website (external link)  of Board vacancies as and when they arise.

From time to time when vacancies arise on the boards of agencies/bodies under the Department’s aegis they will also be advertised on the website. However members of the public are welcome to submit an expression of interest in becoming a member of a Board at anytime. These will be kept on file and considered as suitable vacancies arise.

All appointments will be made in accordance with the legislation governing appointments to each body.  The Minister will not be restricted to considering only those who have applied under the expression of interest.  In considering applications due regard will be given to Government policy on gender balance on State Boards (external link) .

In submitting an expression of interest, a person should state the Board(s) that they wish to be considered for appointment to, their area of expertise, relevant experience and qualifications, set our clearly any actual or potential conflicts of interest were they to be appointed to a Board and submit an up to date curriculum vitae. 

The Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies (external link)  includes a description of the roles and responsibilities of Chairpersons, Boards and Directors. 

Expressions of interest should be sent by email to or in writing to Brendan Rooney, Local Government HR, Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, Newtown Road, Wexford. 

Bodies under the aegis of the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government are listed below. 

  • An Bord Pleanála (Members are appointed under Part VI of the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2010)
  • Building Regulations Advisory Body  
  • Environmental Protection Agency (Members are appointed under section 24 of the EPA Act 1992)
  • Housing Finance Agency
  • Housing and Sustainable Communities Agency
  • Irish Water Safety 
  • National Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee
  • Private Residential Tenancies Board
  • Rent Tribunal
  • Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland 
  • Western Development Commission
  • Pobal
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